The Saltwater Hotel

The Saltwater Hotel is an epic bedtime story…an underwater dream musical…a hero’s journey into the deep unknown to reclaim an original spark of inspiration…and a fable about taking the long way home. The idea for the piece came from a dream I had several years ago, in which I journeyed to the bottom of the ocean to a famous old hotel, a kind of holiday resort for souls on vacation from their earthly lives. As though the Star Wars Cantina had been transported to the Algonquin’s Oak Room, the Saltwater Hotel of my dream was alive with myth, magic and music – it was here that I encountered a charming chanteuse called La Sirenne, a mind-reading madame named Black Pearl and a cast of other wondrous underwater creatures…

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Listen: ‘Stella Maris Falls from the Heavens’

Listen: ‘Song of the Lost Soul’

Listen: ‘Any Sailor Knows’

TPAC Work-in-Progress, June 17, 2012. Photo by David Glen



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