The Chemistry of Lime Trees

The Chemistry of Lime Trees explores how different kinds of borders – country, religion, family – affect our ability to connect, communicate and co-exist. Reflecting upon the story of Boško Brkic and Admira Ismic, a real life Romeo and Juliet during the Serb/Bosniak war in Sarajevo in the early 1990’s, this work explores our attempts to physically and emotionally cross clearly drawn borders. What drives us to cross borders? How do we weigh the necessity to cross or not to cross? Do we ever understand the ramifications before we act? At once lush and stark, The Chemistry of Lime Trees evokes an emotionally intense environment that layers movement ranging from pedestrian interactions to post-modern/contact improvisation and partnering with text and live singing to create a dense, engaging and provocative work.

The Chemistry of Lime Trees is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based singer/composer Susan Oetgen (Likeness to Lily) and Washington, DC-based choreographer/dancer Daniel Burkholder (The PlayGround), featuring performances by dancer Stephanie Yezek and musician Tony Melone.

The Chemistry of Lime Trees will premiere June 9-10, 2011 as part of Tribeca Performing Arts Center’s Artists in Residence Work and Show Festival.  In its 15th season, Tribeca PAC’s Artists in Residence (AIR) program enables emerging and evolving theater artists – writers, directors, choreographers and composers – to create and develop new work over the course of a year. AIR supports professional artists at the beginning of their careers or established artists who are moving into new creative roles in the development of original work.

For tickets online click here, call (212) 220 – 1460 or visit Ticketing Services at BMCC Tribeca PAC, 199 Chambers St. (12PM – 6PM, Tue. – Sat.).


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