Trainings & Facilitation

2010Conflict and Creative Collaborations Workshop Designer & Leader at E/Merge Artist Residency, Plainfield, MA

2009Emerging Artist Residency Facilitator through The Field

  • “Susan is a great facilitator, has very smart and insightful comments.  I really think she is a wonderful person and highly qualified to lead the group.  More than once she made me see things that I had not paid attention to and evaluate my own intentions.  Susan also created a safe space for Fieldwork and successfully led the group to take each other’s work seriously.” – E.A.R. participant
  • “Susan was awesome.  She was insightful, honest, sensitive.  I would highly recommend her to anyone else.” – E.A.R. participant
  • “I liked her and found her to be a very level-headed, generous facilitator.” – E.A.R. participant

Since 2006Fieldwork Facilitator through The Field

Since 2005 – Private Voice Studio (Youths & Adults)


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