Fact No. 59 -‘Furrow’

Hi friends!

Hope you’re doing well, and enduring these gray days as cheerfully as possible.

I’m presenting a participatory performance piece called ‘Furrow’ at the Intimately Public performance festival produced by the Hillyer Art Space this coming Sunday, May 22, 3-4pm at the Spanish Steps near Dupont Circle.

I would be honored if you would participate with me!  Please read on for details, and let me know if you can join me this Sunday.  No performance experience necessary – this is a simple, contemplative piece, and everyone is invited to participate.  (Please feel free to forward this to invitation to anyone who might be interested!)

Where: Spanish Steps (Decatur Place and 22nd St, NW)

When: Sunday, May 22, 2016

2:00pm — call
3:00-4:00pm — Furrow performance at Spanish Steps

4:00-5:30pm — 3 other artists perform at Dupont Circle (optional)

  • Nicole Salimbene “Contemplating Water”
  • Ellery Bryan “/Other”
  • Petra Nahja Collins “Thorny Bites”
6:00pm — reception at the Hillyer Art Space (optional)

What: ‘Furrow’ is a participatory performance piece comprised of three simple movement scores lasting 10 minutes each, performed in a cycle; the cycle repeats twice over the course of one hour.

Score 1: Furrow

Participants group at bottom of the Spanish Steps.  The entire group moves together in a slow, silent cluster up and down the steps, for a duration of 10 minutes. Contemplative, intuitive, deep listening and sensing, group movement.

Score 2: Follow

Participants queue at bottom of Spanish Steps.  One at a time, participants walk up and down the entire staircase three times, at their own pace, following their own pathway.  Participants take turns, so there is always one person moving up and down the steps, for a duration of 10 minutes.  Paces can vary; waiting and watching is part of the score.

Score 3: Fallow

Participants meander freely up and down the steps at the same time for a duration of 10 minutes.  Or, quiet sitting and observing can also be part of the score.  Writing  and photography prompts will be provided so participants can use the time to observe the environment closely and interact with it in a creative, personal way, and share their musings with others, if desired.


After two cycles (one hour), participants gather at the bottom of the Spanish Steps and proceed together to Dupont Circle, where more performances from other artists will take place!

‘Furrow’ is about three things.  First, this piece draws attention to how each of us moves regularly through our daily pathways, commutes and routines, mostly unconscious of the details of our surroundings, sometimes even experiencing these passages as ruts.  Taking time to experience a familiar space slowly, contemplatively, and with the intention of seeing beauty and detail helps awakens our senses and enliven our dulled perceptions.  Second, as we move through our familiar spaces, we often seed them with memories and moods from particular times and experiences of the past, so that the spaces themselves come to hold meaning for us.  We might feel these places are ‘ours’ even though they are public spaces, belonging to no one and everyone.  ‘Furrow’ encourages us to embed an act of ‘public intimacy’ into our personal relationship with the Spanish Steps and enrich it with the experience of co-owning this special place with others. Finally, ‘Furrow’ is about the simple pleasure of sowing seeds of creativity and sociability, and reaping an experience of time well spent.


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