Artifact 11 – A Postcard from the Road Less-Traveled

Sailor’s Valentine

Music & Lyrics by Susan Oetgen (*with some borrowed from Lisa Hannigan)Sailor’s Valentine (image above) by Lynda Susan Hennigan.

Verse 1:  A reason to sing: you caught me ready to remember.  I’d take your everything just to try to make a sad song better.

Verse 2:  Surrender and swing!  You taught me love comes like the weather.  What changes may it bring, I would ebb and flow with you forever.

Chorus:  You’re a postcard from the road less-traveled, a phone call from the long way home.  Morning sees you off with nets to scatter.*  Will evening bring you back?  I never know.  How many days does it take a river to wander to the sea?  That’s how long I’ll wait for you to come on home to me.

Verse 3:  Of salt and stone you are king*, but you brought me home again to pleasure.  I’d hold my breath and swim every tide that brings us home together.


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