Fact No. 49 – The Way that Laura Came to Petrarch

O, while I sleep, come close to my bed, the way that Laura appeared in Petrarch’s room in the night, and as you near me, your breath will touch my skin, and when it does, my lips will part…it will touch my anxious brow, where perhaps a dark dream that has lasted too long is clinging, which your glance will elevate like a star and suddenly my dream will shine with light!  And then, on my lips, where a flame is burning, love’s flame that God himself has purified, place a kiss, and as an angel transforms into woman, suddenly my soul will awaken!  O, come!…the way that Laura came to Petrarch…

But don’t just believe me!  Let Leontyne tell you:

‘Oh! Quand je dors’ Music by Franz Liszt, Poem by Victor Hugo


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