Fact No. 32 – Dream (20030420)

I dreamed I was on a roller coaster track, but not in an actual roller coaster car.  I was sitting behind a guy whose face I couldn’t see.  We were hovering on the aluminum track, which extended out over space with nothing underneath it but maybe, very distantly downward, an unknown city.  We were whizzing along and suddenly came to a stop at what looked like a giant printer.  You were supposed to press a button and receive a huge stack of paper which contained your whole life’s CV.  Then you were supposed to read it, and depending on what you thought of it, you could decide to go through the printer’s mouth, or turn back and try it again.  I read the guy’s CV (not my own), and thought: I’ve got to go through.

So on we went and on the other side of the printer, the guy turned out to be YOU, and we had come to the end of the track.  Not only that, but the track stopped short in a sort of little cage which was suspended high, high, high above a vast ocean.  We were up there, sort of dangling in the wind and it was cold and the ocean was not very inviting so very far down below.  I was pretty scared, but evidently, you had been here before.

The next thing I know, you’re helping me get strapped into a bungee cord set-up which involved a heavy black roller coaster seat belt over my chest and a smaller, bright yellow nylon safety belt that buckled over my heart.  You asked if I was ready and then let go of me.  I was free falling for what seemed like miles, scared out of my wits, but trying to get a grip and enjoy the fall.  It was so fucking scary, but I knew that I wasn’t going to die; it was just the free-fall that I was so afraid of, and the feeling of being at the mercy of gravity.  Just before I reached the ocean – a stratosphere away from the cage in the sky – the bungee cord snapped me back up and when I came close to the cage again, you grabbed me and pulled me back in.  I was supposed to do this several more times until I got over the fear of falling.

The second time, as part of a very strict safety protocol, you checked the heavy black equipment by unhooking it and then hooking it back up again.  You were just about to send me off again when a beautiful bodhisattva appeared in the sky and said, “Yappi, yappi!  Remember the seat belt, Victorious One”, because you hadn’t double-checked the yellow belt.  Once you took care of that, you sent me down again.  I woke up as I was falling.


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