Fact. No. 19 – Synchronicity is a Sign

This morning I caught the first segment in a series on NPR’s Morning Edition about Traumatic Brain Injury being the ‘signature injury’ of the wars we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In addition to being a fascinating topic worthy of investigation and attention in its own right, I was totally engrossed because combat-related TBI also happens to be a critical component of the story of Command Voice, the indie opera I’ve been in the process of creating for the last year, during my residency at Tribeca Performing Arts Center:

Command Voice is an evening-length, multimedia opera that re-imagines Odysseus’s return through the story of a post-combat Marine, his waiting wife, and the scientist who promises to restore their life to ‘new normal’.  With original video and artwork by Justin Waldstein, music direction by Tony Melone, and through the songs of Susan Oetgen and Likeness to Lily, Command Voice considers the process of healing injury in a world where technology allows us to exceed our human limitations, while at the same time compelling us to confront the ambiguous consequences of the power it bestows.

This weekend, please join me and Likeness to Lily, as well as my collaborators Tony Melone (Music Director), Justin Waldstein (Visual Artist) and Alison Fleminger (Assistant Director) for the PREMIERE of Command Voice!  We are delighted to be working with performers Susan O’Dea as The Marine/Odysseus, and Megan Schubert as The Scientist/Athena.  I’ll be singing the role of The Wife/Penelope.

You can look forward to a dozen brand new Likeness to Lily songs performed by the band you know and love, and an astonishing array of original artwork created by Justin Waldstein.  This is a big accomplishment for all of us, and we are looking forward to sharing our work!

…That means, of course, that there’s an AFTERPARTY!!!  Join us after both shows at the bar at The Palm Restaurant right around the corner from the theater – 206 West St, between Chambers & Warren.

* * *


Saturday, June 12, 8pm and Sunday, June 13, 7pm

Tribeca Performing Arts Center Artists-in-Residence Work & Show Festival

Theater 2, BMCC, 199 Chambers St, between Greenwich and West Sts., NYC

Tickets are $10.  Call the box office at TPAC – 212.220.1460 – to reserve.


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