Fact No. 16 – Meanwhile, in Queens…

While I’m on the subject of promoting my friends’ excellent adventures, let me invite you to guitarist/composer Jason Sagebiel’s faculty recital at LaGuardia CC on Wednesday evening, May 5.  It’s true that I will have the pleasure of joining Jason and his electric guitar quartet Bodies Electric to sing Bill Anderson’s 5 Pop Songs arrangements, but this concert is really all about reminding you why guitars (and guitarists) ROCK.

Jason’s invitation, re-posted hereto (including invitation to the party afterward!):

Bodies Electric

May 5, 2010, 7:30pm
LaGuardia Community College, The Little Theater, 31-10 Thomson Ave, Long Island City, New York 11101

Please join me for my next recital, which includes several really great guest artists including Bodies Electric (an electric guitar quartet) Bill Anderson (theorbo) and Susan Oetgen (voice).

The program is loosely based and the following idea: Modern Music based on other music. It promises to be interesting and fun, combining things like 12-tone with pop songs; cell technique with minimalist rock; and the theorbo with electric guitars.

The program includes:

Bogdanovic’s Mysterious Habitats – based on one of Couperin’s harpsichord pieces

Anderson’s Vintage 2007 – a 12-tone work with a melody by Kate Perry embedded in it

Anderson’s post-tonal settings of 5 Popular American Songs

Sagebiel’s Preludes – each written using a different tone row that I stole from another composer

Sagebiel’s 5402 – improvised music using Schoenberg’s cell technique that is designed to sound like minimalist rock

Several pieces by David Loeb – all based on traditional Japanese music.

After the show we are heading to the Beauty Bar in Brooklyn (921 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11206) to celebrate, drink, and listen to Electric Cool Aid, Adam Negrin’s band, who is one of the guitarists in Bodies Electric. The will be playing lots of covers of old dance and party tunes.

Bodies Electric is: John Chang, Martin Moretto, Adam Negrin, Jason Sagebiel.

Take the E/G/R/V to Queens Plaza, or the 7 train to 33rd/Rawson. LaGuardia is at the intersection of 3 streets, Queens Blvd, Van Dam, and Thomson Ave.  Performing Arts Building.  Little Theater.

Jason Sagebiel http://www.sagebiel-music.com
Bill Anderson http://www.williamanderson.us
Susan Oetgen http://www.susanoetgen.com

See you then!



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