Fact No. 15 – 6 Days, 5.91603 Marathons

Even as I write, my dear friend Zandy Mangold is competing in a 6-stage, 155-mile EXTREME MARATHON called Racing the Planet, through The Kimberley region of Australia.  Check it, y’all.  That’s a desert.  Apparently, you have to pack everything you will need (water, food and clothes) and carry it with you in your backpack everyday.  Did I mention that’s pretty much ONE MARATHON PER DAY FOR SIX STRAIGHT DAYS?  While you’re carrying a backpack full of water, clean socks and protein bars?  WTF!  Zandy trained for months in NYC by running all around the city (like, from Williamsburg to the Bronx and back) with a backpack full of canned vegetables.  He’s crazy!  He’s also a photographer, which is how he learned of this event in the first place, since he was invited to document the race two years in a row, once in Chile and once the Gobi desert.   As you can imagine, his photos are insanely beautiful.  But really, everything Zandy does is beautiful, including using this opportunity to raise awareness and money for lung cancer.  In support of his inspiring example, I’m posting his fundraising request here.  Hope you might think about donating to help him reach his goal.

Dear Friends, Families and Colleagues,

I am writing to let you know that I will be competing in a 155 mile ultramarathon in Australia in April, but more importantly, this occasion will be marked by my effort to raise money and awareness for The Stephen E. Banner Fund For Lung Cancer Research.

I am supporting the Banner Fund in honor of my cousin Ulla Lerse who is currently battling lung cancer.  While undergoing treatment, Ulla has inspired me by living her life to the fullest while remaining thoughtful and generous towards those around her.

Donations of any amount are deeply appreciated.  My goal is to raise $5,000.00 for the Banner Fund over the next three months.  Follow this link if you would like to donate or learn more: http://giving.nyumc.org/goto/zandy

As for the race, it is part of the 4 Desert Series sponsored by Racing The Planet and was rated by Time Magazine as the second most grueling endurance competition on the planet.  I am currently planning what to pack for a week of desert racing and survival.  A 4.5 liter daily water ration and group tents for sleeping are the only amenities provided outside of emergency medical attention.  I am currently training in New York City and updating my experiences here:

To learn more about the race click here:
Thanks for your attention,

Photo by Zandy Mangold


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