Fact No. 14 – Earth Mother

From notes found at Frida Kahlo’s bedside upon her death:

GREEN : Warm and good light

REDDISH PURPLE : Aztec.  Tlapali.  Old blood of prickly pear.  The most alive and oldest.

BROWN : The color of mole, of the leaf that goes.  Earth.

YELLOW : Madness, sickness, fear.  Part of the sun and of joy.

COBALT BLUE : Electricity and purity.  Love.

BLACK : Nothing is black.  Really, nothing.

LEAF GREEN : Leaves, sadness, science.  The whole of Germany is this color.

GREENISH YELLOW : More madness and mystery.  All the phantoms wear suits of this color…or at least underclothes.

DARK GREEN : The color of bad news and good business.

NAVY BLUE : Distance.  Also tenderness can be this blue.

MAGENTA* : Blood?  Well, who knows!?

*No ‘magenta’ on WordPress!


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